FAQ: What Is A Lurcher Dog Breed?

What breeds are in a Lurcher?

Lurchers are usually a cross between a sighthound breed – such as Greyhound, Saluki or Whippet – and a Collie or Terrier. Because they’re a mixed breed, no two Lurchers are the same – in looks or temperament.

Are Lurchers good pets?

Nowadays, Lurchers are becoming very popular as they make exceptional family dogs. They are generally good with children, gentle, loving, very affectionate and loyal.

What problems do Lurchers have?

The main health concerns for Lurchers are gastric torsion, torn toenails, foot or muscle injuries, and heatstroke or heat exhaustion. They may also be prone to osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Lurchers with herding breeds in their ancestry may be prone to eye problems. Hypothyroidism is common in many dog breeds.

What is a dog called a Lurcher?

Typically, the Lurcher dog breed is a combination of a sighthound breed such as the Greyhound and another type of working dog breed. As a result, a Lurcher is a winning combination of brains and speed. Due to the variation in combinations, the Lurcher’s size and appearance differ from dog to dog.

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How long does a lurcher dog live?

Lurchers are known to live for about 13 years. They may live more than 13 years, but that depends on the lifespan of the parents and their health.

Why do lurchers lean on you?

A Greyhound likes to show affection with his or her entire body, whether that means curling up against you on the couch or leaning his or her weight against your side. While smaller dogs might sit in your lap, your Greyhound may give you his weight to show that he or she feels bonded to you.

Can lurchers be aggressive?

Contrary to popular belief, the Lurcher is an amiable, relaxed and gentle breed, with a quiet temperament that enjoys regular human contact. Like the Greyhound, the Lurcher is neither aggressive nor highly strung, but docile and dependable towards its owners.

Can lurchers be left alone?

As long as he gets a good walk before then leaving him for that length of time should be fine and no worse for lurchers than any other breed.

How much walking do lurchers need?

Lurchers require at least two walks a day, and need the option to stretch their legs out for at least one of their walks. Given they have a strong prey drive, many owners opt to keep their Lurchers on the lead when out and about.

Why are so many lurchers abandoned?

Head of dog rehoming, Rob Young, says: “We’re seeing lots of lurchers and greyhounds for many different reasons – they might be retired racers, because of an owner’s illness, or even a family separation. “Greyhounds and lurchers make great pets, but they’re often overlooked here at Battersea.

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How do you calm down a lurcher?

Ask him for a down and then calmly touch (but don’t pick up) the lead. If he can stay down, reward and repeat. Next session, ask him for a down, pick up and put down the lead before rewarding and repeating. Later, ask him for a down, pick up the lead, approach him (but don’t try to put the lead on), reward and repeat.

What is a good age for a lurcher?

The average life expectancy of the Lurcher breed varies greatly depending on the breeds used, but the average lifespan is generally between 12 and 15 years.

Are lurchers high maintenance?

When people think of greyhounds or lurchers, they conjure up images of super-fast, competitive dogs speeding off in pursuit of a small fluffy animal. So it’s no surprise that we assume these types of dogs are high maintenance, aloof and need huge amounts of exercise.

Where can I buy a Lurcher?

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What’s the best food to feed a Lurcher?

If you wish to feed your dog soft food use good quality brands such as Scrumbles, Barking Heads, Arden Grange or Forthglade, all of which contain high quality ingredients. Scrumbles is a local Company (Sussex) and our dogs love it.