Often asked: How To Pronounce Dog Breed Jindo?

Are Jindo dogs aggressive?

Jindos have a calm, confident, thoughtful nature, never fearful or aggressive without reason. Jindos are one-person dogs, very loyal to their owner and family and often reserved with strangers. 3

Is a Jindo a wolf?

SEOUL, Jan. 10 (Korea Bizwire) – Research has found indigenous South Korean canines are more closely related to wolves and coyotes than foreign breeds are. The RDA found that the three iconic South Korean dog breeds, Donggyeong, Jindo and Pungsan all shared the wolf as a common ancestor.

Do Jindo dogs make good pets?

Originating in South Korea, the Korean Jindo Dog exhibits unmatched loyalty. They are also incredibly intelligent dogs with a knack for hunting, tricks, and even agility. Fastidious and quiet indoors, they make great household pets and companions. Jindos require strong training, patience, and plenty of long walks.

Are Jindo dogs expensive?

Getting a purebred Jindo dog from Jindo Island in South Korea is almost impossible, so looking for Jindo puppies in the USA or the U.K. is better. A Jindo puppy from a very reputable breeder could cost up to $2,000. However, you can also find Jindo puppies for sale from $300-$1,000.

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Are Jindos affectionate?

Jindos are often aloof towards people and are not the most affectionate dogs.

Are Jindo dogs good with children?

With strong leadership and early, thorough training, Jindos make wonderful companions. However, this breed may not be the best choice for families with small children or those with multiple pets. They are known as one-man-dogs, and their powerful prey drive means they may not get along with other animals.

Is Jindo the same as Shiba?

No, that’s not a Shiba Inu. To give you some perspective, the Jindo dog is considered a national treasure of Korea. The breed was dubbed National Monument No. 53 by the Korean Government in 1962.

What dog is most closely related to a coyote?

Saarlos Wolfdog Saarloos Wolfdog is probably the dog breed that is most similar to coyotes. These canines have slim bodies, elongated face and legs, and even the color of their fur matches with a coyote. The only difference is the size as these wolfdogs are much larger.

What type of dog is a Jindo?

The Jindo is a medium-sized spitz-type dog that originated from the Jindo Island in Korea. Similar in appearance to the smaller Shiba Inu and the larger Akita, it was originally bred for hunting game as small as rodents to as large as deer.

How long can Jindos hold their pee?

As a general rule they can hold it for one hour for every month of their age. A two month old puppy can hold their bladder for two months. Sticking to the routine will help get your house trained quicker, but accidents will happen while you are training your dog.

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How much do Jindo dogs eat?

Jindo puppies 4-6 months old need three meals every 24 hours. Jindo puppies 6 months to a year old need two meals a day. One feeding every 24 hours is acceptable for adult Jindo dogs. Adult Jindo dogs will also eat two smaller meals a day if preferred.

Are Jindos loud?

Jindos are very territorial dogs. A Jindo rarely barks without cause, but when he/she does, the bark is deep and penetratingly loud. They have a highly developed sense of territory and will defend it tenaciously from intruders. They do not need to be chained or trained to bring this defensiveness out.

How can I buy a Jindo dog?

The easiest way to adopt a Jindo would be through a rescue that specializes in Jindos. A great place to start would be by starting a breed search on Adopt-a-Pet.com. The search will show you all the available Jindos in your area.

How much do Jindo dogs shed?

The Jindo is a seasonal shedder and will shed very heavily twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. During heavy shedding, the Jindo needs to be groomed every day and given weekly warm baths to help the hair come out quicker. Use a comb, pin brush and deshedder when grooming during times of heavy shedding.

Are Jindos loyal?

The Jindo is a loyal breed that can be strong-willed and stubborn. The dogs love to protect their territory and loved ones at all costs. Like other Spitz breeds, the dogs have a double coat. The breed also has a wedge-shaped head, triangular ears, and a long tail.