Quick Answer: What Is The Dog Breed In The Movie In A Valley Of Violence?

What kind of dog does Ethan Hawke have?

Sitters have included Ethan Hawke and his border collie, Nina, Susan Sarandon and her two Pomerarian cross-breeds, Rigby and Sam and Alan Cumming’s collie-German shepherd mix named Honey.

Is Jumpy the dog still alive?

Celebrated canine actor Jumpy died but is survived by puppies. Here’s some sad news for both dog lovers and film buffs: Celebrated canine thespian Jumpy has passed away. The scene-stealing star of such films as In a Valley of Violence and Rules Don’t Apply died Feb. 21 after a battle with cancer.

What kind of dog is jumpy von Muller?

Jumpy is a Border Collie-Blue Heeler Mix.

Does the dog get killed In a Valley of Violence?

When the dog dies at the end of the film’s disreputably enjoyable first act, the movie’s spirit dies too, never to recover. Ethan Hawke brings sober, snaggletoothed grandeur to Paul, a former cavalryman ambling through the desert with Abbie, looking to atone for unnamed sins.

How old is Norman the Scooter dog?

Norman, a 7-year-old Briard (French sheepdog), has captivated people by his ability to ride a scooter and a bicycle like a human, which he first showed off on “The Late Show With David Letterman” in 2011.

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What movies has Jumpy the dog been in?


  • Known For. Rules Don’t Apply Dog (2016)
  • In a Valley of Violence Abby (2016)
  • Pups United Rex (2015)
  • Mutt & Stuff Zippy (main dog) (2016)
  • Actor. Rules Don’t Apply Dog (2016)
  • In a Valley of Violence Abby (2016)
  • Mutt & Stuff Zippy (main dog) (2016)
  • Pups United Rex (2015)

What is a blue heeler border collie mix?

The Border Heeler is a hybrid dog breed which is the result of breeding a Border Collie with an Australian Cattle Dog (a.k.a. Blue Heeler). This is a hybrid dog breed whose energy levels are high as contributed from both breed parents. They are also very intelligent, alert, loyal and protective.

Where was the movie in the valley of violence filmed?

The film was shot on 35mm film. A makeshift Western town was built at Cerro Pelon Ranch in Galisteo, New Mexico for the duration of production and was used as the primary location for filming.

What is the movie in a valley of violence about?

In a Valley of Violence streaming: where to watch online? Currently you are able to watch “In a Valley of Violence ” streaming on Netflix.