Readers ask: How To Change Dog Breed Fable 3?

What breed is the fable 3 dog?

The Fable II dog is either a husky, bloodhound, dalmatian, or a mutt (depending on which potions have been purchased and used from the See the Future DLC), while the dog in Fable III is either a border collie, red setter, boxer, poodle, Alsatian, Doberman, or robotic (depending on which potions have been purchased and

Can you get a new dog in Fable 2?

In order to get your dog back you have to have a villager follow you to the mausoleum. Once you arrive at the door with villager in tow the door will open and the villager will eventually wander in. The villagers tend to circle around the door a few times before actually going in the tomb.

Can you pet the dog fable?

Can You Pet the Dog? on Twitter: ” You cannot pet the dog in Fable II … ”

How old is the dog in Fable 2?

The Hero’s dog does not age during the game’s progression. If it did, it would live far past the expected lifetime of a dog (at least 25 years versus 14 or so years in reality).

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Does Fable 2 have DLC?

Fable II Downloadable Content or Fable II DLC is extra content released by Lionhead Studios for Fable II through Xbox Live.

How do you get to Knothole Island in Fable 2?

Talk to Gordon on the docks of Bowerstone Market. He’ll deliver his spiel and give you One Buried Calorie Potion, Solar Shielding Spectacles, a copy of Knothole Island, Vol 1, plus a pair of Assassin Gloves and Knothole Knight Boots. Gordon will then ask if you want to go with him to Knothole island.

How do you change the weather on Knothole Island?

After completing all the Knothole Island Weather Quests, the Hero gains access to the Weather Chamber, the entrance to which is located on the island in the middle of the village lake. This will allow the Hero to change the weather at will to whichever of the seasons they desire.

Is Reaver Immortal?

Reaver’s Hero status, his immortality and his connection to Theresa and the Hero of Brightwall’s mother or father (Sparrow, the Hero of Bowerstone) are never mentionned in Fable III.

Can you change your hair in Fable 2?

Hairstyles are a way of changing the look of your character. You can change them by visiting a barber or stylist. In Fable II and Fable III, most hairstyles must be purchased directly from the stylist. Like tattoos, all hairstyles have effects on your personality.

Where can I find Murgo?

Murgo is an “honest” merchant in Fable II who sells so-called “Old Kingdom Artifacts” in Bowerstone Old Town.

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Where is the Temple of Shadows?

The Temple of Shadows can be found in Rookridge, near the entrance to Oakfield.