Akita Puppies

Akita Puppies For Sale

The ultimate goal of any breeder should be perfection without exploitation. By ‘perfection’ we mean breeding what we consider to be the perfect Akita, of course. By ‘exploitation’ we mean over-breeding, breeding females too young or too old, breeding for commercial reasons, breeding dogs without health clearances or dogs with poor temperaments, not providing optimum conditions for our dogs, not carefully screening prospective homes, etc.

Each breeding any breeder does should be meant to improve the quality of their dogs and generally improving the breed. They should not breed unsound dogs, unhealthy dogs or dogs that are not champion quality. Make sure you breeder checks for hip clearances, eyes with current CERF status, and most importantly, an excellent temperament.

Much care to ensure that every puppy they bring into this world is healthy and happy and a credit to the breed, regardless of its designation as show or pet quality.

We urge anyone looking for a loving companion to visit their local shelters before purchasing a dog from a breeder.  If you just want a loving, loyal canine friend, a ‘pal’ – you will be saving a life by adopting a dog from a shelter. That dog will love you intensely and gratefully for the rest of its life. The next consideration… if you are determined the Akita is the companion for you, please consider adopting a rescued Akita from one of the many legitimate rescue groups. These dogs have been orphaned through no fault of their own, and they desperately need a home, love and someone to make up for the hardships most of them have suffered. Visit our rescue page to find links to various rescue groups.